The Designer

Lefteris Iliakis

Iliakis Lefteris is a jewelry designer and business owner, based in Athens, Greece. He grew up in an environment of creation, art and science, thus he naturally cultivated a restless spirit, which found an outlet in the design and creation of jewellery.

Having attained a wide plethora of experiences regarding the jewellery industry, as he has studied in Italy and worked as a sales manager in the Italian jewellery industry, Iliakis decided to start his own jewellery brand back in 2010, called "DiamondJools", which as of 2023 counts more than 140 points of sales - partner stores all over Greece.

His love for jewellery and his constant drive to improve did not stop there however, since he also attained the title of a Certified Polished Diamond Grader, as he graduated from the International Gemological Institute (IGI), being one of the most prestigious institutes of the globe.

In order to expand his brand in the international market, he decided to create a new brand under his own name, Iliakis, starting with patented masterpieces into the Greek and international markets alike. His mission and vision are to deliver highly, luxurious jewellery, with superb craftmanship that "translate" the Greek culture, while he additionally aspires to display his unparalleled expertise and love for diamonds.

The "Spark"

Having worked for more than 15 years in the jewellery industry, his love for diamonds and jewels was well cemented, leading to an uncontestable desire to display his talent and expertise in jewellery crafting, hence establishing his own brand.


During this time, Iliakis' first brand, called "DiamondJools", was introduced into the Greek market and took it by storm, by launching a unique set of brand products: 18 Karat gold engagement rings, "dressed" with certified diamonds from the most recognized and trustworthy institutes.


Years went by, and the brand DiamondJools continued to attract the audiences, rapidly gaining a huge demand in the market and creating a name for itself in the diamond engagement ring industry. By the year 2019, DiamondJools would count more than 120 partner stores all over the country.

Visualization of the idea

As a dedicated jeweler, certified diamond grader and already established business owner, he possessed the necessary knowledge to create exclusive and elegant jewellery designs, that would directly "speak" to the audience's hearts and amaze the global market.

coming to life

At this point, the brand Iliakis was established and its phenomenal jewellery masterpieces entered the market, seemlessly "conquering" the most prestigious boutiques of the country and gaining trust as a brand.

Dedication & Expertise

Crafting luxurious pieces of jewelry and paying great attention to detail consist the main pillars of Iliakis. The ultimate elegance that the brand aspires to exhibit, comes as a byproduct of those core beliefs.